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Michael Doss client for Ed Ferrigan relationship coaching

“Ed Ferrigan is a gifted and multi-talented man. I participated in classes with him on successful communication strategies as well as in his Family Constellations workshop. What I learned in these formats was deeply life-changing and helped me identify and work on core issues which have led to personal and professional success. I highly recommend Ed's coaching process.” Michael Doss, Portland, OR

Antonia Clark relationship coaching testimonial for Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coach

"I had my first session with Ed and was amazed at the difference it made. For the first time since I was a child I was able to be around certain people without feeling uncomfortable or angry. His amazing coaching process led me to recognize the core of the problem and then quickly helped me dissolve any discomfort and distrust. Since our session, I have been able to immediately recognize repetitive and destructive behaviors and eliminate them. I'm sure that all of this sounds pretty amazing, and it was amazing. I'm very grateful to Ed for his help and guidance." Antonia Clark, Durango, CO

Marietta Linney testimonial for Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coaching

Ed's relationship coaching has helped to significantly transform critical aspects of my marriage that were in desperate need of attention. With his help, I was able to identify and work through the communication roadblocks that were preventing my husband I from being emotionally connected. We did not have to spend hours upon hours hashing and rehashing situations. We were able to get to the heart of the matter quickly and move forward. I gained the self- confidence to finally speak my truth and work toward having the marriage I had always envisioned.

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