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Communication Challenges

Are you tired of feeling not heard or disconnected when difficult conversations come up? Is it really possible to get past that and have a much simpler loving relationships?

Is it possible to hear what your significant other has to say without reacting and causing more problems? After 20 years of helping thousands of people I believe it is. In fact I’m living proof of it.

I was raised in a very hostile household growing up. I didn’t know anything but survival tactics for most of my adult life. I had this filter of “I won’t be made wrong for this!” that would raise it’s ugly head every time conflict arose. Frankly, my skill twenty years ago were in the bottom ten percent of most unhappy couples.

In 1995, though, I had a wake up call. My mother passed away and I went into a depression. Nothing mattered to me and I didn’t understand why. We had a great relationship for the past 30 years of her life.

But after she died I learned a very important thing about human beings…

We have memories stored in our bodies that constantly influence us whether we know it or not.

This is a really big deal. And you can change it…

You see in the first five years of life we learn the communication patterns that will either serve or haunt us for the rest of our life…

…unless we know how to locate and change them.

Here is the problem. Most of us don’t even question the way we think or do most things. Especially when it comes to communication skills.

We think the way we do things are the absolute best way…”because there will be big trouble if we do it another way”…is the way we adopted our communication style.

It’s this unconscious belief that keeps us wondering why we keep getting the same outcomes that are not working so well.

It’s like a fish in water. We don’t even realize we’re surrounded by water. In our case, belief systems that no longer are working.

When you understand this everything in your relationships change.

Hope this has given you a glimpse into what is about to come your way.

Bookmark this website, because in the coming years it may be the one place you can look back and say, “There was something about what he said that made me stick around and wow, I had no idea what was about to change in my life…”

My goal in this site is to serve you and any others struggling to find true love and especially be satisfied with your communication skills with your loved ones.

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Bless you on your journey.

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