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If you are an introspective person who may have had therapy or coaching in the past and understand the value of accountability and having a person to gently remind you of your goals then Ed Ferrigan Coaching may be the perfect fit for you.

Staying stuck in the quagmire of mediocrity is a devastating way to spend your precious time on the earth. You’ll know if this is you because your heart will hurt. Deep inside you’ll feel the ping of sadness and the longing for connection to something greater than your current circumstances.

Yet a part of your mental mind is so unfamiliar with what to do about it or who to trust, like a governor on a big truck you slow yourself down, by justifying and having excuse after excuse to not step into the unknown. These are human phenomenons so please don’t beat yourself up about it. All humans do it to a certain extent.

...understand the value of accountability and having a person to gently remind you of your goals. @edferrigan

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Maybe it’s time to end the madness and take a little chance? Consider there is a way to go slow yet with precise enough steps that you can easily trust the new information to guide you on your path to fulfillment. With curiosity and commitment you can achieve whatever your heart desires.

With the Ed Ferrigan Coaching program you will get world class coaching to achieve your goals. While I’ve had a lot of experience coaching a lot of topics my favorite is relationships because developing your skill around relationships gives you an added advantage to life itself. The ramifications are profound.

Address the relationship with yourself first and you’ll soon see how your unconscious is constantly influencing you. With this knowledge and the tools to change it, you will quickly realize how easily your dreams can come true. Getting your conscious and unconscious to “line up” is the key.

In the past 20 years I’ve coached hundreds of singles, couples, and teams on the topic of relationships and communication. I’ve also studied with researchers who are the best in the business. Most importantly though, is I’ve tested the principles and practices myself since the day I started my own journey 20 years ago. I know what works from personally testing the wide array of options out there.

I’ve also recognized, from working with hundreds of clients, what consistently gets the best results.You will get the benefit of this the minute you land on the call. We will go “deep” within minutes of our process together.

I’ve done this for so long I now see the patterns and therapeutic interventions that get each and every client I serve to their goal in the fastest way possible. The results speak for themselves. Most people coach with me for a few months then only need maintenance. Coupled with the Getting Relationship Right Video Based and the Ed Ferrigan video program for clients, you have an unbeatable combination.

The videos allow you to precisely work the most important aspects of relationships, practice them before you even meet with me. This enables you to naturally ask deeper questions during coaching sessions giving you more value and taking far less time to resolve whatever is challenging you.

In summary you’ll get:

  • Precision coaching to address the root cause of what is holding you back
  • The best communications training you will find anywhere
  • The best emotional intelligence training so you can step fully into your life purpose
  • The best resilience training so you can navigate tough unconscious barriers

The end result is you’ll get into alignment to achieve your dreams no matter what is unconsciously stopping you.

If you are interested in coaching with Ed you must first be approved through his application process. The goal is to make sure you are a good fit with his style of coaching. You will be contacted regardless if you are accepted or not. 

If you are interested in Coaching with Ed please complete the following application by clicking on this link [Coaching Interest Application]. All information is kept confidential and protected. Please allow up to a week for a response. If you want to confirm Ed has received your application please feel free to contact him at 970-317-0001. (Unfortunately technology has been know to fail at times)

NOTE: At this time my coaching program is full. You will need to complete the application via the link [here] to be considered. When  spot opens up everyone on the list is notified and the first person to contact me will be considered first after the interview. I am very selective who I work with. I look forward to talking to you when the time is right. Peace and blessings.​

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Ed Ferrigan is the founder of Ed Ferrigan Coaching
Bill HeffermanOrganization Dev. Expert

With just over two months of coaching. I feel like I have transformed my perspective, my personal relationships, and best of all, the relationship with myself. I feel happier and more balanced than I ever have, ready to live my life deeply and contribute something meaningful.

Kristen HetzelProfessional Athlete

I have worked extensively with Ed at various points in my life and his coaching is absolutely incredible!!! My life has literally transformed with his work and I use the tools and strategies he taught me on a daily basis to better and more consciously navigate my life, its decisions, and relationships.

Brad SmithLeadership Coach

Ed is brilliant at leading groups and individuals to deeper insights in the areas they need to truly comprehend about themselves to more effectively achieve their goals. If he doesn't have the answer he has the question to ask to get to the answer. In his organization work he is both a voracious learner/researcher and a great guide for those who have ambition to learn and gain more excellence.

Michael DossEntrepreneur

Ed Ferrigan is a gifted and multi-talented man. I participated in classes with him on successful communication strategies as well as his family constellation process. What I learned in these formats was deeply life changing and helped me identify and work on core issues which have led to personal and professional success. I highly recommend Ed's coaching process.