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There Is an Insidious Sickness That Has Become A Global Epidemic...It Strikes At The Heart Of Your Life Passion...And It's Time To End This Sickness.

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From the desk of Ed Ferrigan

Dear Friend,

There is an insidious “sickness” that haunts people. You may be affected right now and not realize you have this. It’s a sickness that is probably out of your awareness...

It may even be disguised as a convenient “name” by our medical community – not realizing there is a much bigger “root” problem.

The “name” (e.g. ADD, OCD, Fibromyalgia, Bipolar, Sleep Disorder, Dementia, Depression, Attachment disorder, etc) are often a symptom of something much much bigger…

Maybe you just assume you’ll have “it” the rest of your life because of a doctors diagnosis.

You may have even normalized “it” because so many other people have the same “issue.”

In fact, most people deal with this insidious “sickness” by assuming it’s part of life and take the latest and greatest “pill” to deal with it.

Maybe the pill even gives temporary relief. And that’s good. No reason to suffer if we don’t need to.

But chances are, the insidious sickness will find a way to eventually manifest in another form.

There’s a pretty good chance you could have this “sickness” if any of the following are true for you:

  • Trouble making money…
  • Job “turnover” issues…
  • Relationship “turnover” challenges…
  • Regular health problems…
  • Anger issues…
  • Have a sensitive nervous system and prefer to be alone…
  • An overall sense of not belonging or not sure where you belong…
  • An incomplete sense of life fulfillment…
  • Have a lot of life drama’s that continually play out even when you try hard to do what’s right…
  • Relationship challenges that seem to repeat themselves…
  • Weight issues even when you exercise and eat well…
  • …or maybe even regular suicidal thoughts.

What Is This "Sickness"?

The sickness I’m referring to is generational trauma.

It’s an epidemic in our world today.

Generational trauma hides in the backdrop of people’s lives. And it’s connected to hidden bonds in family systems that are unconscious.

It wreaks havoc in people’s lives because the "symptoms" are mistaken for the root cause so the problem is actually never actually addressed.

I remember one family constellation where a lady wanted to lose weight but it seemed impossible. She had tried everything over many years to no avail…

During the constellation it was revealed her great great great great grandmother was a tribal leader in Scotland.

One winter there was a famine due to harsh conditions. The “Grandmother” was heartbroken because she could not find a way to feed those that died.

Deep in this “Family System” there was an unconscious or “hidden” desire to harbor food so “they” could live.

The grief of this tragedy and where “fault” actually needed to be placed had to be dealt with before resolution could happen.

This tragedy had been passed down through many generations. Without the Family Constellation L5 CF Protocol, the dilemma it may have continued for many more generations.

And because generational trauma is “hidden” in the collective family psyche, like a fish to water, the medical community doesn’t “see” that the solutions to many epidemic-like illnesses have to be addressed at the root level and much of the time they can be traced to Generational Trauma.

The Medical Establishment Acknowledgment…

The family constellation process is making headway into mainstream society healing practices...

Dr Klinghardt and Family Constellations

Read About Him Here

Some exceptional medical doctors have discovered and embrace this phenomenon approach to healing… Dr. Klinghardt MD Phd out of Seattle who uses the family constellation process in his holistic approach to healing...

Dr. Albrecht Mahr is another medical expert that embraces the Family Constellation Method emphasizing the “awareness” that there is a “field of energy that connects us all.” He is alluding to the morphogenetic field that allows us to tap into historical events that reveal hidden generational trauma.

Find out more here

But you don’t have to wait for "mainstream" to happen. There are hundreds of therapist who have become Family Constellation Practitioners across the world since the late 80's.  You have a mind of your own and now enjoy this healing process if needed.

You can benefit now and quite possibly change the trajectory of your life for the better...

My invitation to you as the reader is to remain curious what might be possible for you to experience should you have an interest in how the Family Constellation process can work for you.

"No More Debilitating Episodes..."


“I came to Ed because of sudden panic attacks that would literally cause me to pass-out in public. After 4 years of not being able to solve it, going the medical path, and becoming more and more reclusive, a friend suggested Ed. After 4 months Ed actually encouraged me to ween off the coaching and to trust that I was ready. Sure enough. That was a year ago and I have not looked back and have had no more debilitating episodes.”

Tim Sammons

And Not All Family Constellation Facilitators Are The Same…

Over many years of facilitating over 900 constellations I refined my process.

I named my unique process the Family Constellation L5 C.F. Protocol.

What is The Unique L5 C.F.P.?

L stands for Liberation because that is what happens. When you remove the hidden loyalties and bonds of dysfunctional family patterns we inherit we are liberated.

The number five represents the five steps in the process:
1. Awareness - bringing to light the encumbrances
2. Resolution - find the layer of resolution that ends the cycle
3. Vision - Discover what you want now
4. Commitment - What do you need to commit to to have your vision
5. Action - What are you willing to do now to make it come true
“C” Stands for Client
“F” Stands for Freedom
“P” Stands for Protocol

The ultimate goal of the unique L5 C.F.P Family Constellation process is to liberate you from any hidden family bonds and loyalties holding you back from manifesting your life dreams.

...exquisite at assisting others in uncovering the hidden truths!


...Never have I felt so free and in the flow of my own destiny...owning every part of the process.

Ely Rio Professional Musician

What Else is Unique About This Method?

Trauma has a way of revealing itself at the least most likely time.

I had an experience with a previous “facilitator” who really “pushed” me during a constellation where I was in my own role.

The issue had to do with being born. I was literally stuck in the birth canal with no hope of surviving.

The facilitator had no idea what I was experiencing and was being very “logical” about the solution.

To make a long story short, I was re-traumatized and went through weeks of horrific memories and extremely difficult bodily feelings that I had to re-process.

Trauma healing doesn’t need to be this difficult and that experience led me to getting certified in the Somatic Experiencing process of healing trauma.

That “episode” was a blessing in disguise. After applying Somatic experiencing principles to the family constellation process people reported far more breakthroughs in their life after the sessions.

Why I Designed This Process?

After reviewing hundreds of constellations I perceived some shortcomings in the original model I learned.

Looking back I realized people gained great insight from their constellation, and they were still left with habituated patterns they had taken on as a result of the generational trauma.

The “habits” didn’t just magically disappear after the constellation.

I have seen it happen where cancer or major illnesses went away, nothing short of a miracle, but that is an exception rather than the norm.

To resolve this, I added more steps to the process to provide a future direction for the person doing the constellation.

In short, it helped to complete the resolution process.

Ed Ferrigan MA Facilitates Family Constellation

You Don’t Have To Keep Recycling Old Issues…

If you are on a healing journey then you already know it’s a process. We work through layers of emotions and beliefs until we can get to a place of resolve.

Yet many people keep recycling old issues and they don’t understand why. They just assume that is how healing works.

Family Constellations are excellent for revealing deeper layers without going through years of trial and error… because the challenge is being looked at from a multi-dimensional perspective.

Using representatives allows us to see family dynamics that cannot be seen any other way. Real people give us real feedback as to the experience they are having tells us where the repair needs to happen.

When you heal a family dynamic from this kind of perspective you get longer lasting results because you are working the “whole” family system and not only your perspective.

The whole “system” is healing not just an isolated part of the whole…

Cambridge University Researcher Uncovers Next Possible Healing Breakthrough…

Rupert Sheldrake

…energy is transmitted from generation-to-generation through a systemic field of energy called the morphogenetic field of the family system…
[Rupert Sheldrake - Wikipedia](

Duttweiler Institute, Zurich, Switzerland’s leading think tank ranked Dr. Sheldrake as one of the Top Global Thought Leaders in 2013.

How’s This Possible?…New Breakthroughs in Human Awareness

People are often suspicious of how the Family Constellation process works. Once they experience it though, they are amazed. The power of the process is very real!…and it’s hard to argue with the profound results I’ve seen over the years…

Two areas of science help validate why the constellation model works:

Morphogenetic Fields and DNA Research

We all exists in morphogenetic fields related to our family of origin as well as society of origin. Each of these has a significant influence on our early life adaptations (beliefs and values) that lead to identifiable patterns of behavior that either enhance or diminish your ability to manifest via your true nature.
Family constellations tap into this resonance field through current day family members and participants who become surrogate family members for any given constellation. You’ll see vivid demonstrations of this in action at the event.

Another Clue...

We no longer need to guess or speculate that trauma gets passed down from generation-to-generation…
In the groundbreaking book called Super Genes Deepak Chopra M.D., shares the research on how trauma is also passed down through our DNA from generation-to-generation.

Ed's coaching is absolutely incredible!!!


My life literally has transformed with his work...

Kristen Hetzel, Ph.D. Actress/Professional Athlete

His work is extraordinary!!


I have been a client of Ed's over a several year period of time. His work is extraordinary!! Ed enters into a state of consciousness where he is able to connect to a person's issue on the deepest level. In the Family Constellation Process the people who step in to assist in another person's process gain a great deal of insight and are guided to really step into the shoes of the "role" they are playing. Magic and healing happen. Trust the process, trust Ed. Spirit guides him.

Jane Burnier Life Coach, Durango, CO

In the next step of human evolution, we are now seeing ways to “Crack the Code” on how to identify and release these unconscious encumbrances, get more in touch with our true destiny, and live fully satisfying lives.

Whether you are a participant or actually doing your own L5 C.F.P. process you will benefit. It’s been an absolute honor to work with as many people as I have over the years and I hope I can also spend some time with you.

If you'd like to attend our next event in your area please click here and I'll notify you.


Ed Ferrigan, M.A., CPCC, SEP

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